3 Best iPhone 7 Replacement Battery to buy

Even though iPhone 7 has been one of the Apple smartphones with the best battery life, it is inevitable that it will fail sometimes. When you have a fully capable and functional iPhone 7 device you will need to change the battery yourself to prolong its life.

That is why you need to avoid the costly service centers where you pay more both for the battery and the work done. If you check on Amazon you will find battery replacement kits for your iPhone 7 that offer you reliable batteries and all the tools you need to change them.

Today we will present the most prominent batteries that you can replace by yourself and give more power and life to your lovable iPhone 7 device.

VINPONE iPhone 7 Replacement Battery


VINPONE has been one of the few companies that entirely manufactures all spare parts connected to iPhone 7. Here you have a 2,400mAh battery with a prolonged Li-Ion cell life that gives you more than 5,000 potential recharging cycles.

This battery replacement kit costs about $20.15 being one of the most affordable kits you will find online. It is sold in the Amazon prime and ready for delivery section, that can be shipped anywhere in the world you may reside. The battery has a hard shell cover that keeps your iPhone 7 protected from possible overheating and abnormal voltage.

Not to mention, that the VINPONE batteries are made from quality recyclable materials that are always easy to discard. The kit comes with a useful score of tools that include screwdrivers, and adhesives to ensure that you can safely remove the old battery and steadily place the new one.

BOANV Replacement Battery for iPhone 7


That battery was voted to be the best spare part of the year for iPhone 7 owners. That is why the BOANV company has decided to prolong the duration of that battery kit matching the needs of the populous iPhone 7 owners community.

The battery runs at 2,600mAh of electric currency and gives more power to your iPhone 7. It can last for more than 4,000 recharging cycles making it one of the most powerful batteries that can make your iPhone last forever. This battery gives more power to your phone to talk a lot more and use many applications from the ones you love to have on your smartphone.

BOANV gives this battery kit alongside with the right tools to remove the old battery and install the new one at zero time. It costs about $24.90 on Amazon reflecting the better materials it is made of and the best functioning it has compared to the competition.

If you have any inquiries about the battery changing patterns then you can consult the website BOANV has created for iPhone 7 users. There you will find videos that will help you and guide you through the changing process step-by-step.

CONQTO Replacement Battery for iPhone 7


That is the battery with the most fans in the iPhone 7 owners community. Since they have all tried to change their battery and failed then turned towards the CONQTO company that creates spare parts for iPhone 7 and other series of Apple products.

The battery also runs at 2,600mAh and is one of the few that can last up to 5,000 charging cycles without losing their power and potential. Its price is $24.90 through the Amazon network and is among the most affordable batteries you will find online.

CONQTO iPhone 7 battery replacement kit comes with all the indispensable tools needed to exclude the old battery and place the new one. The battery is tested from the factory with special care for all its customers. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee that covers all customers throughout the world. You may also have a 12 month guarantee for the proper functioning of the battery making it one of the most safe and secure in the market.

This battery is made from hard and durable plastics to resist the overheating phenomenon that is common among the iPhone 7 devices. The Li-Ion structure gives it enhanced power and more potency to retain all charges.